A Year of Travel

Like most people, my year was full of ups and downs, great times as well as difficult times. This said, 2016 was definitely an amazing year of travel for me! I started this travel blog in January because I knew how many adventures I had planned for the year and I am so happy I did because it allows me to look back on the beautiful places I’ve visited! Here is a review of my travels for 2016!



I started off the year with an AMAZING trip to Kauai, Hawaii! We left on January 1st and spent 10 days in Kauai and had the most wonderful time. I’m aching to go back! Check out my posts on my Hawaiian adventures here!


After our trip to Hawaii, my boyfriend and I headed home for a couple of weeks, packed up our stuff, and headed on our 3-month adventure to Europe. Our first stop, PARIS! It was my second time in the beautiful French capital, and I can’t wait to visit it again in the future. Check out my post about my favourite things to visit in Paris for more details!


After a few days in Paris, we took the train Strasbourg and fell in love with the Alsace region. Check out my post on the top things to see in Strasbourg if you want to know more about our stay!


We also spent half a day in Kehl, which is just on the other side of the French-German border! It was a cute little town, but we didn’t end up doing much other than wander around!


While we were in the area, we took a day trip to Colmar! This town was so quaint and had some amazing colours! I absolutely loved it!


After a few days in the Alsace region, we headed to the Black Forest in Germany and stayed in Freiburg for a couple of days.


We had an amazing stay in Meersburg after that, where we stayed in an awesome AirBnb. We got to explore the quiet town on Lake Constance, its old castle and quaint old town.


This was our base while we were in Europe this Winter! We loved being in the middle of the Alps with amazing views everywhere! Plus, it was super central for when we wanted to take short trips! I’m realizing now that I still haven’t written a post on Innsbruck! I’ll try to do that soon!



The first short trip we took was the Bavaria, where we spent a day visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau Castle and stopped at Linderhof Palace on our way home (we had a rental car for this, which made things much more simple!

Because of this, we got to stop a couple of times for some beautiful shots while driving through the Alps! This little road trip was truely breathtaking!


While we had the rental car, we also visited Liechtenstein for a day! Although it was February, we had AMAZING weather and totally fell in love with the beautiful scenery! Make sure you check out all the photos in my post on Liechtenstein, I found the scenery truly breathtaking!


Our next little trip was to Venice! We took the train from Innsbruck to Venice and it only took about 4 hours. Because we had been before and were planning on returning wit my sister the following month, we decided to focus on the smaller islands of Murano and Burano for this trip! If you’re heading to Venice and are wondering what to do, make sure to check out my Venice Travel Guide!



We visited Italy again in early March, this time exploringMilan for a couple of days! We took a bus for this journey because it ended up being a lot cheaper than the train. While we were there, we got to visit the Duomo as well as many of the amazing museums the city has to offer! We even went to see an Inter Milan football game, which was an awesome experience! Check out my post on our stay in Milan for more details!


My next little adventure was to Edinburgh, Scotland! This was my first time in Scotland (and only second time in the UK) and I didn’t get to stay for very long. I did, however, fall in love with the city, and I’m hoping to visit and explore more of the country soon! Check out my post 48 hours in Edinburgh to find out how I made the most of my short stay!


After my little adventure in Edinburgh, I returned to Innsbruck for a few days, and then my boyfriend and I headed to Berlin to meet up with my sister! We stayed there for a few days and explored this beautiful city with it’s rich and complicated history. I feel like Berlin is a city you could explore for days on end, always discovering new things. I definitely wish I had had more time there!


After our visit to Berlin, the three of us stopped in Munich for a day before heading back to Innsbruck! I had already been to Munich a couple of times, but we went on a walking tour so that my sister and my boyfriend could learn more about the city! I always love visiting Munich and it’s actually a city I’d love to live in! Check out my post 14 Things to do in Munich to see why!


We spent almost a week in Innsbruck with my sister after that, and then rented a car and headed down to Italy again! Our first stop was Verona, Romeo & Juliet’s city1


After Verona, we headed to Venice again because my sister had never been! This time, we did all the main attractions – the Doges Palace, the Campanile, etc. We even went on a gondola ride, just because. For more information on what to do in Venice, make sure you take a look at my Venice Travel Guide!!


We spent a couple of days exploring Venice, then headed back to Austria! On our way to Salzburg, we stopped in Hallstatt, the picture perfect lakeside town that everyone has seen on Instagram ;). It was absolutely breathtaking, although a bit crowded. Check out my post on the top things to do in Hallstatt for more pictures!


We then made it to Salzburg, home of the Sound of Music! We stayed in this great AirBnb in the countryside, surrounded by fields and the Alps, and it was only about a 10 minute drive from the city center! Make sure you check out my post on Salzburg and the Lake District to see what we got up to!



After our relaxing stay in Hallstatt, we drove to Vienna where we dropped off our rental car, hopped on a train and headed to Bratislava, Slovakia for a couple of days! This little trip was completely on a whim, and we were soooo happy we decided to go! Discovering Bratislava and its rich history was actually one of the best parts of our trip, mostly because it wasn’t really planned!


Ahhh, Vienna! After our stay in Bratislava, we returned to Vienna for a few days. This city was probably one of my favourite new places to exploring during this trip! We got to visit so many palaces and museums and got to experience so many different things in this beautiful city! I think that’s probably why I haven’t written a post on it yet – I don’t know where to start!


Our last stop in Europe was Prague! I think it was a perfect place to end our trip! The food was amazing, the weather was great and we got to learn quite a bit about the history of this beautiful city! As I’m writting this, I’m realizing I still have a lot of posts I’d like to write about our Winter in Europe – hopefully I’ll get to it soon!



After returning home to Canada and relaxing for a couple of weeks, my sister and I decided to go on a road trip to the Maritimes! We have family in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, so we are quite familiar with these provinces. However, there were a couple of places we really wanted to explore! Our main stop was Shediac, New Brunswick, which is where my grandparents live.


Then, we headed to Cape Breton, a part of Nova Scotia we had never visited! We stayed in a cute Bed & Breakfast on the island and explored some of it’s beautiful trails and historical areas. You can check out my post on Cape Breton to find out more! We then headed to the Halifax area to visit some family.



I didn’t travel much in June and July, but I did spend quite a bit of time at a cottage in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, which is a beautiful region to visit if ever you come to Canada!



In August, my boyfriend and I headed to California for about a week! I tried to vlog on most days, so you can check out what we got up to here if you’d like! We went to Universal Studios, to Disneyland, saw a Dodgers game and visited a couple of beaches! It was my first time in California and I absolutely LOVEDDDD the beaches! I definitely want to go back and explore some more!



Photo by Ottawa Tourism

I don’t think this counts as travel really, but in September I started graduate school at the University of Ottawa! I’ve therefore been spending most of my time in our nation’s capital!



My boyfriend and I went on a little getaway to New Hampshire this fall and got to see it’s beautiful autumnal colours!



Althoug I didn’t travel much in November and December (end of semester, etc), I did visit Toronto twice because my sister is studying there! I got to go to the Toronto Christmas Market and it totally put me in the Christmas spirit! I also visited the AGO with a friend of mine and got to see some beautiful Monet and Van Gogh paintings!

And that about sums it up! 10 countries visited (including Canada), countless flights, road trips, train rides and bus journeys. I can’t wait to see the places I visit in 2017!
Where did you go in 2016? What was your favourite place to visit? Let me know in the comments section!


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