I remember begging my parents to go to Disneyland when I was little, and I can FINALLY check it off my bucket list! I think Disney is fun no matter how old you are! Here’s a little vlog from the day we spent there in early August.

My favourite rides were probably the new Star Wars one’s, but I also had a lot of fun on the Indiana Jones ride and surprisingly the Astro Blasters ride! Also, make sure you stick around for the parade and the fireworks in the evening, they’re a key part of the Disney experience, in my opinion! On another note, I must say I preferred the rides at Disneyland compared to the ones at Universal Studios. The ones at Universal were a little repetitive, whereas Disney seemed to have more variety!

Super important tip for anyone who doesn’t like waiting in line for rides: Make sure you use the fast passes! They don’t cost anything extra and they allow you to come back to a ride for the time you’re allotted and skip the line in the fast pass lane. It’s super worth it and you save a lot of time this way 🙂 If you’re not sure how it works, don’t hesitate asking someone who works at the park, they’re super friendly and helpful!

Hope you guys enjoyed the little vlog! Make sure to check out the other posts from our trip to California! There’s one on our day at Dodgers Stadium, as well as one on the awesome day we spent at Universal Studios!








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