Top 3 Kauai Beaches

You may have seen my previous posts on Kauai and on the helicopter tour we took of this beautiful Hawaiian island, but I haven’t really discussed its incredible beaches yet! Since there are so many, I decided to tell you about my three favourite. Narrowing it down to a top three was hard — there are some beaches that didn’t make the cut, like Ke’e Beach and Tunnels Beach, that are definitely worth a visit if ever you are on the Garden Island. Nevertheless, I managed to narrow my list down to my three favourite beaches on this island:

#3 Secret Beach (Kauapea) — North Shore

This beach is a little off the beaten path but totally worth the short hike down to the beach (careful, it can be slippery)! The beach has beautiful white sand with outcrops of lava rocks, including a large outcrop to the left of the beach. It is apparently quite dangerous to walk on these unless the waters are calm, but when the conditions allow it, you can find little tidal pools on the rocks. From the beach, we can see the Kilauea Lighthouse, which was built in 1912. The waves are quite strong in the winter, so swimming is not suggested at that time of the year. I loved this beach because it was serene and pretty quiet compared to some of the other beaches we visited. 

#2 Poipu Beach — South Shore

Once named America’s best beach, Poipu Beach is quite popular and for good reason. It has a sandbar that breaks the waves a bit, giving the beach a protected area which is perfect for young children to swim in. There are also great snorkelling spots in the bay with a good variety of colourful fish. Snorkelling, surf and boogey board rentals are also available nearby. From this beach, which was just minutes away from our condo, we got to see humpback whales jumping off shore, sea turtles swimming not to far away, and even monk seals sunbathing on the beach. This beach is the one where we spent the most time, and it was one of the busiest beaches we visited, probably for good reason. The current was not too strong while we were there, so we could swim worry-free, and thanks to the nearby rental facilities, we were able to enjoy many different activities!

#1 Hanalei Bay — North Shore

Hanalei Bay surprised me. I was expecting just another beach, but seriously, wow! It’s the largest bay on the North Shore, with about 3 km of beach. So much space, a swimming area even in the winter’s strong current, a gorgeous view and beautiful white sand. Though the waves were quite big, the bay is apparently very calm in the summer, making it a perfect place for families. This said, the backdrop is what makes this beach number one in my book. It has a Jurassic Park paradisiac feel to it which I simply fell in love with. 

As I mentioned, this are my top three beaches in Kauai, but there are SOOO many more beaches you need to visit if ever you go to this island! I suggest taking a road trip along the North Shore and just stopping at every beach along the way to have a look (and maybe a swim!) — This is what we did, and honestly it was one of the best parts of the trip (after the helicopter ride, of course)!

What are your favourite Kauai beaches? Let me know in the comments below! And if you’re interested in knowing more about Kauai, make sure to check out my other posts!


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