Top 5 Things To Do in Zürich

Switzerland’s global finance and banking centre, Zürich, is located in the northern part of the country, not too far from the German border. This city’s official language is German, but the spoken language is an Alemannic Swiss German dialect. It is a beautiful lakeside city in the middle of the Swiss Alps and is definitely worth a visit! Here are my top things to do in Zürich!


Spend some time next to (or, even better, on) Lake Zürich!
You can hang out by the water, either in a beer garden or in one of the many shoreline parks. Or, you can go rent a paddleboat or even take a ferry (with the Lake Zürich Navigation Company) and cruise around the lake! This is definitely a must if you have nice weather!

On this picture, you can see 3 of Zürich's main churches

On this picture, you can see Zürich’s main churches

Check out Zürich’s churches!
Zürich has quite a few important churches! Make sure to check out Grossmünster, Fraumünster, Saint Peter’s Church and Predigerkirche. These are the four main churches in Zürich’s Old Town, Saint Peter’s being the oldest parish in the city.


View from Lindenhof

Go spend some time in Lindenhof park!
This park is at the top of a hill right next to the Old Town and you can get a nice view of it from here! The area is also listed as a Swiss heritage site as prehistoric, roman and medieval remains have been found here.


Wander the streets of the Old Town and make multiple stops for chocolate, pastries, cheese fondue and hot chocolate!
Zürich’s Old Town is adorableeee, and it’s worth spending a day, or an afternoon, exploring its medieval streets! It has many cute shops, bakeries and restaurants that are worth checking out, and you can get some quality souvenir shopping done!

View from Üetliberg

Take the train to Üetliberg and hike up to the TV tower to get a beautiful view of the city and vicinity!
The train isn’t too expensive and I think it takes about 20 minutes to get to the Üetliberg station from Hauptbahnhof. From the top of the TV tower, you’ll get an amazing view of Zürich, the lake and the alps.

Sprugli    Luxemburgerli

EXTRA TIP: Go check out Sprüngli, near Paradeplatz. It’s a beautiful confiserie with delicious chocolate and amazing Luxemburgerli (a sort of light, fluffy macaroon). This place is definitely worth checking out!

Have you been to Zürich? Is your top 5 the same as mine?! Let me know in the comments below!


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    April 30, 2016 at 19:55

    This is a great post 🙂 Thumbs up girl! When I visited Zurich I took a boat on the lake and loved it, also the chinese garden is very beautiful!
    What’s your favorite place to have lunch?

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      April 30, 2016 at 22:36

      Thank you Lena!! 🙂 I had lunch at this awesome biergarten, I think it was called Bauschänzli? Absolutely loved it, it was right by the water and had an amazing view! How about you?!

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